As a sister company of Rolex, Tudor was founded almost a century ago. Using the knowledge and experience acquired with the Rolex brand, Tudor watches quickly became known for the expert craftsmanship used as well as reliable and carefully constructed Swiss-made movement within. Each Tudor watch has the quality of its older sibling but with its own style that is perfectly suited for the modern individual.


The Tudor Black Bay collection is a strong testament to celebrated Tudor watches from previous generations.

The Black Bay pays homage to Tudor’s rich history in producing world-class men’s and women’s diving watches. Each Black Bay model is a reinvented version of the classic Tudor timepieces, boasting a classic look and – of course – a premium mechanism.


Carrying an in-house Tudor Movement – built to modern standards – a Tudor Pelagos watch is one of the foremost traditional mechanical diver’s watches currently on the market.

With the ability to reach depths of 500m (1,640 feet) the Pelagos watch covers all the needs of the most seasoned diver. Whether you wear it in or out of water, you’re guaranteed the highest levels of efficiency, comfort and style.


The Tudor Heritage line draws inspiration from the most iconic models in the history of the brand.

Inspired by a historic model, also named Ranger, which the brand produced in the late 1960s, this new model embodies the unique creative approach developed by Tudor to showcase its heritage in 2010 with the launch of its Heritage

TUDOR 1926

Tudor pays tribute to its early history with a range of mechanical watches that are timelessly elegant in look, as well as efficient in performance.

A classic watch, the Tudor 1926 comes in four sizes and a wide choice of dials.


The Glamour collection of Tudor Watches boasts a wealth of timepieces, all of which uphold the retro-chic style that the brand is famous for.

Wholly elegant and completely efficient, every timepiece in the Glamour collection contains the famed Tudor Date range model and the Date and Day Models. Telling the time has never looked – or felt – so sophisticated.


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